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Dec 23, 2012 2:00pm EST
's alternative that would have raised taxes on annual incomes of more than $1 million. this is about one hour. >> i'm not doing a sesame street skit here. this is what we're talking about. i think about planning a which is what the majority in the house of representatives has been trying to implement. it is very simply a plan designed to put into place that democrats and republicans say they support. that is meaningful, strong, bold plans for a simple, fair tax code. the president supports tax reform and taking the top from 25% to 30%. majoritysay we in the have been trying to put into place a real, meaningful tax reform that can ensure people can reduce rates and generate domestic growth. the trouble with that is our plan a has been designed to bring about a reduction of size and scope and the reach of the federal government. everyone knows what that means. real entitlement reform. plan a consists of two simple things. pro-growth tax reform that will keep taxes low for individuals and job creators, and small businesses in this country, so we can encourage that kind of job creation which we a
Dec 29, 2012 10:00am EST
bachelor degrees. the grant pays for itself in the decade. that increased federal income tax rate, it pays for the cost of the po grant. half of the students are not traditional students, but the half that are, they have a typical work load. yet 10 years to pay back the government for the cost of a grant. then there is a 14% return on investment. it is not as much of an advance from the federal government. we should stop thinking about this as being purely a personal benefit to the students. and there is all sorts of good that comes from higher education. there is a lot of good that stems from a college education and as a society, we should be putting the highest possible priority on it. we get what we sow, and you need to be thinking about where we want our society to be in a few decades, and the way to that, and ever improving society is through education, not cutting the one thing that is a real investment. >> another thing i would say, i will give you an example from a parent loan situation. if you get a client, you fail this credit check. you get about $4,000 extra in student loans. i
Dec 22, 2012 2:00pm EST
. >> happy holidays. >> unless president obama and congress take action, tax rates will go on everyone on gingrey first. the day after that, and mandatory sequester will go into effect -- january 1st. the day after that, and mandatory sequester will go into effect. on the 10th of may, we pass legislation that would replace the sequester which irresponsible spending cuts. the events of this past week make clearer than ever that these measures reflect the will of the house. the american people reelected president obama on election day. the also elected a republican majority in the house. they give us all the mandate. not a mandate to raise taxes on families of small businesses, and meant it for us to work together to begin solving the massive debt that threatens our future. the president and senate democrats have vowed to reject an veto all of our proposals waffling to offer responsible solutions of their own. -- proposals while failing to offer responsible solutions of their own. instead, he wants more spending and more tax hikes that will hurt our economy. he refuses to challenge the m
Dec 29, 2012 2:00pm EST
taxes on investment. it is a way to spur investment. saying that, in the city of jewish right we have an extraordinarily high number of people who have lost hope because they are not working. they're out the metropolitan region -- throughout the metropolitan region we have thousands of job better going unfilled because they cannot find people qualified to be hired into those jobs. we have a skills gap in detroit as well as in this country. i know you understand these economic challenges we are facing. how you feel investing in assets innovation would help us close that gap? >> i in the first university graduate in my family. the only reason i studied science and came to this country because the commitments this committee has made. i believe that power of investments that come from these have a tremendous effect on the youth on the young high school student who is making decisions for her career and the future that she has in front of her. i do believe the inspiration aspect of nasa is an important part. once we get them through the high schools and universities, i believe the defers p
Dec 23, 2012 10:30am EST
of the tax, the compound and not have all the security features -- attacks, the compoundn did not have all the security features it needed. the inadequacy of the diplomatic security staff in numbers in benghazi would be a major factor behind the weakness of the security platform. the continued rotation of d.s. agents inhibited the development of on the ground knowledge and continuity and security decisions and implementation. the question is not simply whether an additional number of agents would have made a difference. the question is whether a sustained and stronger staffing platform in benghazi over the course of 2012 could have established some deterrence by giving it the continuity and experience on the ground by making it harder target for terrorists. absence of a strong central government presents in benghazi meant the special mission had to rely on a militia, with skill deficits. overall, the board found the security systems and procedures were implemented properly by american personnel. ecosystem's themselves and the libyan response fell short on the night of the attacks -- those
Dec 22, 2012 10:00am EST
the recent situation where he raised taxes and then his own party, the fjp, criticized and then others criticized him, and then you see him pulling back. part of the problem is to really be able to engage in these economic reforms you need to have some degree of societal outreach and consensus, and unfortunately, morsi has not shown a strong suit for that. and we're also talking about a presidential office that is very understaffed. they're over their heads. they're learning on the job. so there is also this issue of incompetence, which is why i think going forward morsi is going to have to rely more on the brotherhood because they actually do have some of the expertise, some of the business acumen, to be able to work on these controversial economic issues and to also build support on the street for some of these economic initiatives. i think it's worth noting that up until november 22, mohamed morsi was still consulting with the brotherhood and the brotherhood's leaders, but there was an effort to be somewhat independent and somewhat autonomous. there was a selfconscious effort to hav
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6